Man pages for TuSKan/materializer
Implement Material Design in Shiny Applications

material_badgeCreate a materialize badge
material_bodyCreate a materialize body
material_breadcrumbCreate a breadcrumb
material_buttonCreate a materialize button
material_cardCreate a card that will contain UI content
material_checkboxCreate a materialize checkbox
material_collapsibleThe material Collapsible UI Element
material_colormapConvert color material to hexcode color
material_columnCreate a column to organize UI content
material_containerCreate a container to organize UI content
material_dividerCreate a divider to organize UI content
material_dropdownThe material Dropdown Menu UI Element
material_fabCreate a materialize fab action button (fab)
material_fileCreate a materialize file input
material_iconMaterial Icon
material_imgMaterial Image
material_likeCreate a materialize like element
material_meterCreate a materialize meter
material_modalPlace UI content in a modal
material_navbarThe material Nav bar
material_pageCreate a container to organize UI content
material_radioCreate a materialize radio button
material_ratingCreate a materialize rating
material_rowCreate a row to organize UI content
material_sectionCreate a section to organize UI content
material_selectCreate a materialize select
material_sidenavThe material SideNav bar
material_sliderCreate a materialize slider
material_switchCreate a materialize switch
material_tab_contentPlace UI content within a tab content
material_tabsPlace UI content within a tab
material_tagsMaterial Tags (Chips)
material_textCreate a materialize text box
material_tooltipInclude a tooltip in any tga list
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