Man pages for UCLATALL/supernova
Judd, McClelland, & Ryan Formatting for ANOVA Output

anova_tblANOVA table with nicer column names.
cat_linePaste, Concatenate, add EOL and Print
estimate_extractionExtract Estimates/Statistics From a Model
FingersData from introductory statistics students at a university.
Fingers.messyData from introductory statistics students at a university.
generate_modelsGenerate a List of Models for Computing Different Types of...
insert_rowInsert a row of data into a table.
insert_ruleInsert a horizontal rule in a table for pretty printing
padPad x to length of y
pad_lenPad x to length len
pipePipe operator
resolve_typeConvert SS type parameter to the corresponding numeric value
ServersServers data
SurveyStudents at a university were asked to enter a random number...
TablesTables data
TipExperimentData from an experiment about smiley faces and tips
variablesExtract the variables from a model
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