Man pages for USAID-ICPI/WeekendSpecial
Import and Combine Weekly Program Data into Tidy Dataset

wpm_addmechidMap mechanism ids & agencies onto partner names
wpm_addpdsAdd month and fiscal quarter
wpm_addtargetsMerge targets onto dataframe
wpm_addweekAdd FY week number
wpm_combineCombine all Partner Weekly Data into one tidy dataset
wpm_combine_monthlyCombine all Partner MONTLY Data into one tidy dataset
wpm_filerefreshRemove old files and replace with new
wpm_genlinkageCreate a linkage variable
wpm_getcoordsCall site coordinates and hierarchy from DATIM via API
wpm_identifyIdentify all files and their sheets within
wpm_importImport & adjust each sheet from file
wpm_import_monthlyImport & adjust each MONTHLY sheet from file
wpm_mapAdd coordinates and uids to
wpm_pulltargetsset up site x IM MSD for FY18 target importation
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