Man pages for USCCANA/diffusiontest
Analysis of Diffusion and Contagion Processes on Networks

approx_geodesicApproximate Geodesic Distances
as.array.diffnetCoerce a diffnet graph into an array
as_dgCMatrixCoerce a matrix-like objects to 'dgCMatrix' (sparse matrix)
bassBass Model
bootnetNetwork Bootstrapping
brfarmersBrazilian Farmers
brfarmersDiffNet'diffnet' version of the Brazilian Farmers data
c.diffnetCombine diffnet objects
classify_adoptersClassify adopters accordingly to Time of Adoption and...
classify_graphAnalyze an R object to identify the class of graph (if any)
cumulative_adopt_countCummulative count of adopters
dgrIndegree, outdegree and degree of the vertices
diag_expandCreates a square matrix suitable for spatial statistics...
diffnet-arithmetic'diffnet' Arithmetic and Logical Operators
diffnet_check_attr_classInfer whether 'value' is dynamic or static.
diffnet-classCreates a 'diffnet' class object
diffnet_indexIndexing diffnet objects (on development)
diffnetmatmultMatrix multiplication
diffregDiffusion regression model
diffusion-dataDiffusion Network Datasets
diffusionMapCreates a heatmap based on a graph layout and a vertex...
drawColorKeyDraw a color key in the current device
edgelist_to_adjmatConversion between adjacency matrix and edgelist
edges_coordsCompute ego/alter edge coordinates considering alter's size...
egonet_attrsRetrieve alter's attributes (network effects)
ego_varianceComputes variance of Y at ego level
exposureEgo exposure
fakeDynEdgelistFake dynamic edgelist
fakeEdgelistFake static edgelist
fakesurveyFake survey data
fakesurveyDynFake longitudinal survey data
grid_distributionDistribution over a grid
hazard_rateNetwork Hazard Rate
igraphCoercion between graph classes
infectionSusceptibility and Infection
isolatedFind and remove isolated vertices
kfamilyKorean Family Planning
kfamilyDiffNet'diffnet' version of the Korean Family Planning data
matrix_compareNon-zero element-wise comparison between two sparse matrices
medInnovationsMedical Innovation
medInnovationsDiffNet'diffnet' version of the Medical Innovation data
mentor_matchingOptimal Leader/Mentor Matching
moranComputes Moran's I correlation index
netdiffuseR-graphsNetwork data formats
netdiffuseR-options'netdiffuseR' default options
netmatchMatching Estimators with Network Data
networkCoercion between 'diffnet', 'network' and 'networkDynamic'
nverticesCount the number of vertices/edges/slices in a graph
permute_graphPermute the values of a matrix
plot_adoptersVisualize adopters and cumulative adopters
plot_diffnetPlot the diffusion process
plot.diffnetS3 plotting method for diffnet objects.
plot_diffnet2Another way of visualizing diffusion
plot_infectsuscepPlot distribution of infect/suscep
plot_thresholdThreshold levels through time
pretty_withinPretty numbers within a range.
rdiffnetRandom diffnet network
read_pajekRead foreign graph formats
read_ucinet_headReads UCINET files
recodeRecodes an edgelist such that ids go from 1 to n
rescale_vertex_igraphRescale vertex size to be used in 'plot.igraph'.
rewire_graphGraph rewiring algorithms
rgraph_baScale-free and Homophilic Random Networks
rgraph_erErdos-Renyi model
rgraph_wsWatts-Strogatz model
ring_latticeRing lattice graph
round_to_seqTakes a numeric vector and maps it into a finite length...
select_egoalterCalculate the number of adoption changes between ego and...
struct_equivStructural Equivalence
struct_testStructure dependence test
summary.diffnetSummary of diffnet objects
survey_to_diffnetConvert survey-like data and edgelists to a 'diffnet' object
thresholdRetrive threshold levels from the exposure matrix
toa_diffDifference in Time of Adoption (TOA) between individuals
toa_matTime of adoption matrix
transformGraphByApply a function to a graph considering non-diagonal...
vertex_covariate_compareComparisons at dyadic level
vertex_covariate_distComputes covariate distance between connected vertices
weighted_varComputes weighted variance
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