Man pages for USEPA/micromap
Linked Micromap Plots

alterForMedianInsert a Median Line
assimilatePlotCleans a User Made Panel
create_map_tablePrepares A Polygon Table
edPovExample Dataset: Education and Poverty Levels
labels_attDefault Attribute Lists
labels_buildBuilds panels
lmplot-internalInternal lmplot Functions
lungMortExample Dataset: Lung Cancer Mortality
mmplotLinked Micromaps
OrEcoLevel3Example Dataset: Oregon Level 3 Ecoregion Shapefile
printLMPlotPrint lmplot Object to a File
print.mmPrint lmplot Object to a File
rightSubstring Function
sample_attSample Attribute List Creator
statesFlatfileExample Dataset: A Table of State Polygons
USstatesExample Dataset: U.S. States Polygons
vegCovExample Dataset: Vegetation Coverage Percentages
WSA3Example Dataset: Major U.S. EcoRegions
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