Man pages for USGS-R/EflowStats
Hydrologic Indicator and Alteration Stats

calc_allHITFunction to calculate all 171 biologically relevant...
calc_ar1calc_ar1 correlation coefficient
calc_bfiFunction to return the base flow index for a given data frame
calc_durationHighIndices describing duration of high flow events.
calc_durationLowIndices describing duration of low flow events.
calc_frequencyHighIndices describing frequency of high flow events.
calc_frequencyLowIndices describing frequency of low flow events.
calc_magAverageIndices describing magnitude of the average flow condition.
calc_magHighIndices describing magnitude of the peak flow condition.
calc_magLowIndices describing magnitude of the low flow condition.
calc_magnifSevenFunction to return the magnificent seven statistics for a...
calc_rateChangeIndices describing rate of change of flow.
calc_timingAverageIndices describing timing of average flow events.
calc_timingHighIndices describing timing of high flow events.
calc_timingLowIndices describing timing of low flow events.
find_changeEventsFunction to decompose a flow series into flow direction...
find_eventDurationFunction to decompose a flow series into high flow events...
find_eventsFunction to decompose a flow series into high or low flow...
get_peakThresholdFunction to return a specified flood threshold
get_seasonalityFunction to compute the seasonal factors (amplitude and...
get_waterYearFunction to return the water year for a given date
get_waterYearDayDay of water year
sampleDataSample Streamflow data.frame
validate_datavalidate_data Discharge timeseries screening
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