Man pages for USGS-R/WQ-Review
Discrete water-quality data review and exploration toolbox

blankSummaryblankSummary Generate a summary table of blank analyses
chemCheckchemCheck Function to flag samples if basic chemistry is...
dataUploaddataUpload formats files for upload into QWData
flagReportAuto-generates a QAQC report website in html
flagSummaryFunction to summarize samples that are not approved
flipDQIflipDQI Flip DQI codes for given sites and parameters
historicCheckFunction to flag samples if values are out of range of...
ionBalanceCalculate ion balance
needsReviewFunction to return sample needing review
pestCheckFunction to flag pesticide samples
qwblankPlotBlank sample timeseries
qwcbPlotChargebalance timeseries plot
qw.dataOutput object for the Big Thompson River generated...
qwmatrixPlotParameter matrix plot
qwparmBoxPlotParameter boxplot
qwparmParmPlotParameter-parameter plot
qwrepPlotBoxplot of replicate relative percent difference
qwscSumPlotSum ions vs conductance plot
qwseasonalPlotSeasonal plot
qwtsPlotParameter timeseries plot
readNWISodbcFunction to pull data from NWIS
reportsOutput reports object for the Big Thompson River generated...
repTablerReplicate agreement table
srsSummarySummarize SRS sample agreement
summaryStatsSummary stats function
templateExporttemplateExport exports templates for use with the dataUpload...
waterYearStolen from smwrBase to remove dependency on that package...
whatDataLook for missing data for a set of samples
wholevPartPart vs whole analysis
WQReviewGUIFunction to open the WQReview GUI
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