Man pages for USGS-R/hazardItems

addLayeradd a layer from a shapefile to CCH portal
authenticateUserauthenticate a user to CCH portal
checkAuthcheck auth token and prompt for refresh if needed
checkItemExistsChecks to see if an item exists
createStormCreate modeled storm
deleteDownloaddelete the cache for an item download
deleteTileCachedelete tile cache for application
downloadItemdownload item
getAuthget auth header
getItemget item or subset of fields
getLayerget layer info
grabXMLcreate xml document from endpoint
historical.servicecreate summary json for an individual historical item
loadConfigLoad CCH config
realtime.servicecreate summary json for an individual storm item
refreshItemThumbnailRefreshes an item's thumbnail PNG
saveItemsave item
saveTracksave NHC items
setBaseURLSet CCHP endpoint
storm.servicecreate summary json for an individual storm item
templateinstantiate a template with new items based on new data
thumb.servicecreate thumbnail for an item
updateStormUpdate storm
vulnerability.servicecreate summary json for an individual vulnerability item
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