Man pages for USGS-R/lakeattributes
A collection of lake attribute data

areaArea data table
canopyLake surrounding canopy height
get_areaGet lake surface area
get_bathyGet Hypsometry for a given lake
get_elevationGet surface elevation for a given lake
get_kd_avgGet light attenuation coefficient for a given lake
get_kd_bestReturn best available secchi/Kd
get_kd_yearGet light attenuation coefficient for a lake through time
get_latlonGet latitude and longitude for a given lake
get_turbidity_avgGet lake average turbidity
get_zmaxGet max depth for a given lake
locationLocation data table
nhd2wbicNHD ID to WBIC (Wisconsin) ID table
read_aesread encypted data frame from file
secchiSecchi data table
turbidityTurbidity data table
write_aesWrite encrypted data frame to file
wtempWater Temperature data table
zmaxzmax data table
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