Man pages for USGS-R/mapRandomForest
Surface Water Statistical Estimation for the Mississippi Alluvial Plain

baseflow_data_used_in_first_round_of_SFR.rds[DATASET] Baseflow used in initial MODFLOW/SFR application
dvsMonthly.rds[DATASET] ORIGINAL monthly streamflow and baseflow summaries
eventProcessingEvent Processing
getFlowDataForSiteRetrieve and summarize flow data by month for a site
getRasterMeanCalculate mean raster value for a polygon feature
getRasterMean_PRISMCalculate monthly mean PRISM value (zonal stats) for a given...
hargreavesET0Calculate reference ET0 by means of the Hargreaves-Samani...
identify_contiguousIdentify contiguous blocks of data
mapRandomForest-packageEstimate total streamflow and baseflow by means of a random...
processPRISMRastersCalculate monthly mean raster values for a set of polygons
shiftDataShift Data
sitesAll.shp[DATASET] USGS gage contributing areas
testFlowDat.rds[DATASET] Unedited ORIGINAL random forest model inputs
testGagedDat.rds[DATASET] Predictor variables for gaged basins
testUngagedDat.rds[DATASET] Predictor variables for *un*gaged basins
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