Man pages for USGS-R/meddle
Metadata generation for data releases

append_list_replaceappend replace list
as.attr_filecreate name for attributes file if one doesn't exist
as.attr_listread and format attributes from delimited file or data.frame
attr_filewrite a file formatted as attributes
attribute_skeletoncreate a skeleton file (or safely append to existing) for...
attribute_skeleton.characterattribute skeleton for an assumed file or files
attr_namesread attributes from a recognized file type
attr_names.shapefileget attributes from a shapefile
environment_metadataget metadata for computing environment
eval_contentevaluate content blocked within r code
extract_featureextract and summarize spatial data
feature_bboxget the bounding box of the feature(s)
feature_count.Spatialget the feature count from a spatial object
feature_statesget the states that features overlap with
feature_type.SpatialPolygonsget the FGDC feature type of spatial object
merge_attr_tablemerge two attribute tables
read_dataread data from supported file formats
renderrender xml from data and template
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