Man pages for USGS-R/netcdf.dsg
NetCDF Geometry and Timeseries

get_gridmappingGet NetCDF-CF grid mapping from projection
get_prjGet projection from NetCDF-CF Grid Mapping
read_attribute_dataRead attribute dataframe from NetCDF-DSG file
read_geometryRead NetCDF-CF spatial geometries
read_timeseries_dsgRead NetCDF-CF timeSeries featuretype
write_attribute_dataWrite attribute data to NetCDF-CF
write_geometryWrite sp or sf geometries and attributes to NetCDF-CF
write_point_dsgWrite NetCDF-CF point featuretype
write_timeseries_dsgWrite orthoganal array time series to NetCDF-CF
write_timeseries_ragged_dsgWrite ragged array timeseries to NetCDF-CF
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