Man pages for USGS-R/netcdf.dsg
Discrete Sampling Geometry NetCDF

addGeomDataPut geometry data in a NetCDF-CF File
checkNCDFCheck NetCDF-DSG File
FromNCDFSGConvert NetCDF to sp objects
getGmFromPrjGet NetCDF-CF Grid Mapping from Projection
getPrjFromNCDFGet projection from NetCDF-CF Grid Mapping
read_instance_dataGet Dataframe from NetCDF-DSG File
read_timeseries_dsgRead timeseries NCDF file
ToNCDFSGConvert sp objects to NetCDF
write_instance_dataPut attribute / instance data in a NetCDF-CF File
write_point_dsgCreate point data NCDF file
write_ragged_timeseries_dsgCreate ragged array timeseries NCDF file
write_timeseries_dsgCreate timeseries NCDF file
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