Man pages for USGS-R/smwrStats
R functions to support statistical methods in water resources

allRegAll Subsets Regression
ancovaRegDiagnostics for Analysis of Covariance
binaryRegDiagnostics for Logistic Regression
confirmConfirm an Analysis
confirm.seasonalPeakConfirm Seasonal Peak
cor.allCompute Cross Correlations
curviCurvi-Linear Trends
GrubbsThe Grubbs Distribution
grubbs.testTest for Outlier
hosmerLemeshow.testThe Hosmer-Lemeshow Test
jackknifeMove.1Jackknife move.1
kensen.testTest for a Trend
leCessie.testThe le Cessie-van Houwelingen Test
makepredictcallUtility Function for Safe Prediction
move.1Maintenance of Variance Extension, Type 1
move.2Maintenance of Variance Extension, Type 2
multicomp.testMultiple Comparisons
multRegDiagnostics for Linear Regression
optimBoxCoxMultivariate Unconditional Box-Cox Transformations
percentileEmpirical Cumulative Percent
plot.htestDiagnostic Plots
plot.StatsDiagnostic Plots
ppcc.testTest for Normality
predict.move.1Predict Maintenance of Variance Extension, Type 1
predict.move.2Predict Maintenance of Variance Extension, Type 2
predictMVUEBias Corrected Predictions
predict.senSlopePredict Values.
pressPrediction Error Sum of Squares
print.ancovaRegPrint Objects
print.binaryregPrint Objects
printCorPrint Objects
print.cor.allPrint Objects
print.lecessiePrint Objects
print.MCTPrint Objects
print.move.1Print Objects
print.move.2Print Objects
print.multRegPrint Objects
print.optimBoxCoxPrint Object
print.rocPrint Object
print.seasonalPeakPrint Objects
print.senSlopePrint Objects
qtiles.CIQuantiles with Confidence Limits
quantile.numericSample Quantiles
regkenTrend Test
rmseRoot-Mean-Squared and Relative Differences
rocReceiver Operator Characteristics for Logistic Regression
seakenTrend Test
seasonalPeakSeasonal Peak Timing
seasonalWaveSeasonal Wave
seasonalWave.fitCompute Seasonal Wave Model
seasonalWave.wtCompute Seasonal Wave Model
selBestWaveSelect the "Best" Seasonal Wave
senSlopeCompute the Sen Slope
serial.testTest for Serial Correlation
seriesPlot.seakenSeries Plot
smwrStats-packageGeneral tools for hydrologic data and trend analysis.
summary.cor.allSummarize Correlations
sumStatsCompute Summary Statistics
timeWeightedMeanTime-Weighted Mean
trendsBasis for Piecewise Linear Trends
vifVariance Inflation Factors
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