Man pages for USGS-VIZLAB/vizlab
Utilities for building online data visualizations

analyticsGeneric function that will apply a particular analytics...
as.analyticsCoerce vizlab object to include analytics
as.fetcherCoerce vizlab object to a fetcher type
as.parameterCoerce vizlab object to a parameter type
as.publishercoerce to a publisher
as.readerTreat viz object as a reader Doesn't need to be generic at...
as.resourcecoerce to resource
as.templateCoerce to template type publisher
as.visualizerCoerce to a visualizer
authRemoteLog on to a remote file service
buildContextBuild context for templating
checkAndInstallNodeModuleCheck if a node package is installed already or not. If not,...
checkInstalledCheck that a system library is installed
checkRelVizUrlfunction to keep the absolute viz path or make the path...
checkRequiredCheck required fields
checkThumbCompliancehelper to check thumbnail compliance
checkVizPackagesReport on the installation status of packages needed by the...
collectItemArgumentsRead all arguments declared for all items into an R list
convbTook code from here:...
createBlockMakefileCreate a single makefile from the information in viz.yaml
createCleanRuleCreate the rules to clean out the make-relevant parts of the...
createConfigCallCreate the rules for the content make file
createMakeBatchRuleCreate text for a make rule using RBATCH
createMakeBlockRulesCreate the make rules for a block of the viz.yaml
createMakeDirsCreate directories mentioned in the makefile
createMakeEmptyRuleCreate text for a make rule that has no commands
createMakefilesCreate fetch.make, etc. from the information in viz.yaml
createMakeItemMake a collection of makefile rules appropriate to a...
createMakeMacrosCreate the macros section
createMakeRulePairMake the common rule pair relating IDs to files to commands
createMakeRunmakeRulesCreate the rules to run/make/update the non-top makefiles
createMakeShellRuleCreate text for a make rule that calls a shell command
createNewIssuesCreate new issues on a repository from a JSON file.
createNewLabelsCreate new labels on a repository from a JSON file.
createNewRepoCreate a new repository for a specified organization.
createProfileDefine user profile information
createProfile.LinuxCreate user profile yaml file for Linux operating systems
createProfile.MacCreate user profile yaml file for Mac operating systems
createProfile.WindowsCreate user profile yaml file for Windows operating systems
createShortcutsCreate the top shortcuts
createTopMakefileCreate the top-level makefile, which runs/makes/updates the...
doExportReturn logical declaring whether file export (copying to...
exceededTimeToLiveReturn logical: has the time to live been exceeded for this...
expandDependenciesPrivate function to publish a dependency. Returns either the...
exportExport content to target
exportLocationSet where exports should be placed
fetchEnsure data is on the local file system
fetchTimestampUpdate timestamp file if needed
fetchTimestamp.characterRoutes the timestamp fetching to a more specific fetcher.
fetchTimestampHelpersMethods to assist in writing and debugging custom...
fetchTimestampMethodsFunctions to use as custom fetchTimestamp methods.
findProfileYamlFind where the profile.yaml file is saved.
gatherDependencyListPull together vizlab object dependencies
getBlocksRead vizlab config document and return specific blocks
getContentInfoGet information on a content item from the viz.yaml
getContentInfosGet information on one or more content items from the...
getLogDisplay, optionally open, and return the contents of a log...
getLogPathGet the path to the .Rout file corresponding to a viz id (or...
getPartialLibraryAssemble whisker partials from vizlab package
getPreferencesRead the preferences.yaml file, if available, in the current...
getProfileInfoGet information on profile settings
getRepoNamesGet a vector a repository names for a specific organization
getResourceFromLibraryInternal function to get shared resources Implemented as a...
getVizInfoLoad yamls and find if the published date has passed yet
getVizlabVersionRead the version of the vizlab config document
getVizYamlUrlGet the full file path for the raw viz.yaml within a...
handleMarkdownReplace any markdown text with rendered html
initializeVizRepoInitialize the GitHub repo for a new viz.
lookupMimetypeUse mimetype lookup to get reader
needsTimestampOldDetermine whether an item should fetch a timestamp or not
parameterGet parameter variables for project
prepSourcesCombines and filters one or more script files into a single...
processProcess raw or intermediate data products into intermediate...
publishPeform the publish step to ready the viz for hosting
publishLandingPageGet information about other visualizations from VIZLAB to...
readDataEnsure data is on the local file system
readDependsread multiple dependency datasets into environment
relativePathGet webapp path
remove_publish_targetHelper to unpublish. similar to...
renderRender contents to file
replaceOrAppendAppend second list to first with overwrites
setupFoldersForFileSets up folders so file can be written without warnings
sourceScriptsSource R scripts
templateReads a template file and returns the contents
uniquenessGrab a random number to break the cache
unpublishDelete the remake data but not the file from a publish target
updateThumbnailsGet thumbnail info for sematics
updateVizPackages[Re]install any missing or outdated packages
validateVizYamlFind obvious errors in your viz.yaml
visualizeVisualize raw or intermediate data products into intermediate...
vizlabUtilities for building online data visualizations
vizmakeBuild a visualization project
vizPackageStatusIdentify any missing or outdated packages
vizSkeletonvizlab vizSkelton
viz.yamlHow to write a viz.yaml
webpackerRun webpack for the project
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