Man pages for VCCRI/CardiacProfileR
Generate Heart Rate Dynamic Profiles from TCX Data

add_sectionsAdd section lines and/or shading
aggregate_profilesAggregates multiple heart rate profiles
all_start_end_pointsFind start and end points of all activities
get_activitiesExtract active parts of dataframe
get_colorGiven an index returns a plotly color
get_energy_profilesGet profiles from energy dataframes with added information...
get_featuresFind all the features in a profile
get_profileConvert energy data frame into heart rate profile
get_profilesConverts multiple energy dataframes into heart rate profiles
hr_changeGet change between resting heart rate and final heart rate
load_tcx_dirProcess all tcx files in a directory
load_tcx_fileProcess a single tcx file
max_hrFind maximum heart rate
merge_listMerges a list of energy dataframes into one single dataframe
min_max_plotGet ymin ymax from plot
normaliseNormalise heart rate in profile
plot_3d_landscapePlot multiple profiles in 3d landscape based on energy
plot_3d_profilesPlot multiple profiles in 3d based on energy
plot_activePlot all the activities
plot_features_profilePlots all the features of a profile
plot_features_profilesPlot features of multiple profiles
plot_profilePlot a single profile
plot_profilesPlot a many individual profiles
profile_coefficientsGet coefficients of fitted polynomial
resting_hrFind average resting heart rate
resting_indecesFind the heart rate every minute after cessation of exercise
selectdfSelect rows of a dataframe
select_listSelect elements of a named list
slopeFit line to recovery slope
start_end_pointsFinds the activity in an energy dataframe
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