Man pages for VSNC/VSN-EDU
VSN agridat

BTdataBlue Tit Data for a Quantitative Genetic Experiment
BTpedBlue Tit Pedigree for BTdata
CanolaYields of Canola
FabricWear of rubber-covered fabrics
ForageEffects of cutting date and nitrogen fertiliser on yields of...
HeightsHeights of wheat plants
LatticeLattice design for a variety trial of soybeans
LettuceEffects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potasium on lettuce...
NematodeFactorial plus added control analysis of Nematode
oatsYield of oats with different fertilizer treatments in a...
OctaneEffect effect of different additives on the octane level of...
PlanktonAbundance of types of plankton
PotatoesEffects of nitrogen, potasium and dung on yields of potatoes
RatEffect of a dietary supplement on weight gain in rats
RatfactorialEffect of a protein on weight gain in rats
RatlittersEffect of different diets on weight gain in rats
RatmusclesEffect of electrical stimulation in preventing the wasting...
riceEffects of nitrogen fertiliser on yields of varieties of rice
riceMVEffects of nitrogen fertiliser on yields of varieties of rice
WheatstrainsYields of strains of wheat
WinePercentage of alcohol in wine
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