Additional tools for Parametric Survival Models (a.k.a. Accelerated Failure Time Models)

The R package AFTtools provides additional tools to work with parametric survival models fitted by survival::survreg.

To select the most appropriate distribution for the model, several models with different distributions can be fit with only one call of compare_PSMdist(). Parallel computation can be used to fasten the model estimations. The result can be printed as a nice table by show_comparison().

Population average predictions (survival and quantiles) from parametric survival models with frailties can be made using predict_survreg(). Bootstrap confidence intervals of the predictions are also provided.

The functions AFTplot(), CSRplot(), Iplot(), and NPplot() produce diagnostic plots.

DOI (Release version 0.2.1, see NEWS for version changes.)


NPplot() depends on interval which requires the package Icens from Bioconductor.

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