Man pages for VZoche-Golob/UdderHealthMonitor
Tools for monitoring the udder health of dairy cow herds using data of the Dairy Herd Improvement Tests

betriebsergebnis_speichernReads ADED entity 880028
calculate_indicatorCalculations of dairy herd health indicators from Dairy Herd...
cleanKnit2pdfKnitting really clean to pdf
einzeltierergebnisse_speichernReads ADIS entity 880006
einzeltierliste_erstellenCreate data frame with test day SCC values for selected cows
generate_reportGeneration of a pretty UdderHealthReport
generate_templateGeneration of a pretty UdderHealthReport template
IndicatorSheetCreate a simple graphical report of the most important SCC...
kalbungen_speichernReads ADIS entity 880012
kennzahlen_bestimmenCalculations of the most important SCC udder health...
monitor_SCCUdderHealthAnalyse the most important SCC indicators of dairy cow herds
prepare_PCstartPrepares the data of an appropriate ADIS/ADED file for udder...
prepare_SCCdataPrepares individual cows' data for SCC analysis
settings_SCCmonitorDefine settings for the monitoring of the udder health using...
tierbewegungen_speichernReads ADIS entity 880003
tierdaten_speichernReads ADIS entity 880005
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