Man pages for Valdimus/HDFSWorkspace
R Workspace on HDFS

fix_pathA little fix for file.path
getProjectPathGet the project path on HDFS
getRDirNameGet the R directory to use on HDFS
getSavedWorkspaceKnow if we have to save Workspace
hadoop_commandGet the absolute path to hadoop bin directory
hdfs_commandGet the absolute path to 'hdfs' command
hdfs_dfs_commandGet the absolute path to 'hdfs dfs' command
hdfs_dfs_lsListe file/directory on HDFS
hdfs_mkdirMake directories on HDFS
loadWorkspaceHDFSLoad the workspace from HDFS
readHDFSFileRead a file from HDFS
saveWorkspaceHDFSSave Workspace on HDFS
setSavedWorkspaceDon't save Workspace on HDFS
writeHDFSFileWrite a file on HDFS
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