Man pages for VicFreguglia/GibbsRF
Tools for Gibbs Random Fields models

betaPLSCalculates penalized least squares estimates for orthogonal...
buildFrequencyDfCalculates coefficients for real-valued fourier transform of...
cMatPlotPlots interaction structure
CorMapCorrelation Map
DesignMatCreates design Matrix for a selected set of fourier basis.
DifHistogramGray-level difference histogram
extract_cMatExtract the cMat structure for a Thresholded Interaction Map
getFrequencyCoef2Gets real-valued fourier transform coefficent for a specific...
GibbsMCMLEMonte-Carlo Maximum Likelihood Estimate of Potentials
GibbsModelGibbsModel class object creation
GibbsMPLEMaximum Pseudo-Likelihood potentials estimate.
GibbsSamplerHMRFGibbs Sampler for Hidden Markov Random Field model.
HMEMSegmentation of noisy image via Hidden Markov Field EM...
InteractionMapInteraction Map
PartialCorMapPartial Correlation Map
PartialCorSelectionInteraction structure selection based on partial...
plotIMapVisualization for Interaction Maps
PotentialsGibbsModel to DataFrame conversion. Data Frame representation...
reconstructPLSReconstruct an image based on frequencies coefficients.
rGibbsRFGibbs Random Field simulation.
StocApEstimation of potentials values via Stochastic Approximation.
structurePlotInteraction Structure plot
ThreshIMapThreshold Interaction Map
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