Man pages for VincentToups/fugu
Functional Function Level Programming

accessAccess an index
alwaysThe custom constant function
apFunction application
apFromApply from a list of transforms
apFromKeysApply from a list of keys
argComposeArgument-wise composition
capCurried (left) function application
cleaveThe cleave operator
composeFunction Composition
curryLeftCurrying on the left.
curryRightCurrying on the right.
dealThe deal operator
fAndfunction-level AND operator
fcatFunctional cat
filterfilter a list
fNotfunction level not
fOrfunction-level OR operator
fTupleconvert a many-arg function into a single arg, list function
fUnTupleconvert a function taking a single list to one taking those...
hookJ-style hook
idReturn x
mapNickname for Map
partialLeftFUGU - Function(al/ level) programming in R Partial...
partialRightPartial Application on the Right
permuteArgspermute argument positions
rCompose(reverse) Function Composition
reduceNickname for Reduce
swapSwap argument positions
trTransform an index
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