Man pages for WLenhard/cNORM
Continuous Norming

bestModelRetrieve the best fitting regression model based on powers of...
boxcoxGenerate box cox power function for regression model at...
calcPolyInLInternal function for retrieving regression function...
CDCBMI growth curves from age 2 to 25
checkConsistencyCheck the consistency of the norm data model
cNORMcNORM: Continuous Norming
cnorm.cvCross validation for term selection
cNORM.GUILauncher for the graphical user interface of cNORM
computePowersCompute powers of the explanatory variable a as well as of...
derivationTableCreate a table based on first order derivative of the...
deriveDerivative of regression model
elfeSentence completion test from ELFE 1-6
getNormCurveComputes the curve for a specific T value
lifeLife expectancy at birth from 1960 to 2017
mortalityMortality of infants per 1000 life birth from 1960 to 2017
normTableCreate a norm table based on model for specific age
plotBoxCoxPlot regression model versus box cox for a specific age
plotDensityPlot the density function per group by raw score
plotDerivativePlot first order derivative of regression model
plotNormPlot manifest and fitted norm scores
plotNormCurvesPlot norm curves
plotPercentilesPlot norm curves against actual percentiles
plotPercentileSeriesGenerates a series of plots with number curves by percentile...
plotRawPlot manifest and fitted raw scores
plotSubsetEvaluate information criteria for regression model
ppvtVocabulary development from 4 to 16
predictNormRetrieve norm value for raw score at a specific age
predictNormBCCalculate the norm value for a given raw value based on the...
predictRawPredict single raw value
predictRawBCCalculate the raw score for a given percentile based on the...
prepareDataSet up example dataset and compute model
printSubsetConvenience method for printing model selection information
rangeCheckCheck for horizontal and vertical extrapolation
rankByGroupDetermine the norm scores of the participants in each...
rankBySlidingWindowDetermine the norm scores of the participants by sliding...
rawTableCreate a table with norm scores assigned to raw scores for a...
regressionFunctionRegression function
simMeanSimulate mean per age
simSDSimulate sd per age
simulateRaschSimulate raw test scores based on Rasch model
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