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Common Plots for Analysis

BinaryYScatterPlotPlot a scatter plot of a binary variable. xvar is the...
calcPRcalculate precision/recall curve.
ClevelandDotPlotPlot a Cleveland dot plot.
ConditionalSmoothedScatterPlotPlot a scatter plot with smoothing line, with smoothing...
DiscreteDistributionPlot distribution of a single continuous variable.
DoubleDensityPlotPlot two density plots conditioned on truthVar.
DoubleHistogramPlotPlot two histograms conditioned on truthVar.
GainCurvePlotPlot the gain curve of a sort-order.
GainCurvePlotCPlot the gain curve of a sort-order with costs.
GainCurvePlotWithNotationTake the standard WVPlots gain curve and add extra notation
graphROCcalculate AUC.
LogLogPlotPlot a trend on log-log paper.
PlotDistCountNormalplot distribution details as a histogram plus matching normal
PlotDistDensityBetaplot distribution details as a density plus matching beta
PlotDistDensityNormalplot distribution details as a density plus matching normal
PlotDistHistBetaplot distribution details as a density plus matching beta
plot_fit_trajectoryPlot the trajectory of a model fit.
plot_Keras_fit_trajectoryPlot the trajectory of a Keras model fit.
plotlyROCUse 'plotly' to produce a ROC plot.
PRPlotPlot Precision-Recall plot.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ROCPlotPlot receiver operating characteristic plot.
ROCPlotPairPlot two receiver operating characteristic from the same...
ROCPlotPair2Plot two receiver operating characteristic plots from...
ScatterBoxPlotPlot a scatter box plot. xvar is the discrete variable...
ScatterBoxPlotHPlot a scatter plot in horizontal mode. xvar is the...
ScatterHistPlot a scatter plot with marginals. xvar is the independent...
ScatterHistCPlot a conditional scatter plot with marginals. xvar is the...
ScatterHistNPlot a height scatter plot with marginals. xvar is the...
ShadedDensityPlot the distribution of a variable with a tail shaded
WVPlotsWVPlots: Common Plots for Analysis
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