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Relational Query Generator for Data Manipulation at Scale

actualize_join_planExecute an ordered sequence of left joins.
affine_transformImplement an affine transformaton
apply_right.relopExecute pipeline treating pipe_left_arg as local data to be...
apply_right_S4-ANY-rquery_db_info-methodApply pipeline to a database.
apply_right_S4-data.frame-relop_arrow-methodS4 dispatch method for apply_right.
apply_right_S4-relop_arrow-relop_arrow-methodS4 dispatch method for apply_right.
arrowData arrow
assign_sliceAssign a value to a slice of data (set of rows meeting a...
build_join_planBuild a join plan.
column_namesReturn column names
columns_usedReturn columns used
commencifyHyderdrive (science fiction show) synonym for 'execute'
complete_designComplete an experimental design.
convert_yaml_to_pipelineConvert a series of simple objects (from YAML deserializaton)...
count_null_colsCount NULLs per row for given column set.
db_tdConstruct a table description from a database source.
describe_tablesBuild a nice description of a table.
drop_columnsMake a drop columns node (not a relational operation).
exExecute a wrapped execution pipeline.
example_employee_dateBuild some example tables (requires DBI).
executeExecute an operator tree, bringing back the result to memory.
expand_gridCross product vectors in database.
extendExtend data by adding more columns.
extend_seExtend data by adding more columns.
format_nodeFormat a single node for printing.
getDBOptionGet a database connection option.
graph_join_planBuild a draw-able specification of the join diagram
if_else_blockBuild a sequence of statements simulating an if/else...
if_else_opBuild a 'relop' node simulating a per-row...
inspect_join_plancheck that a join plan is consistent with table descriptions.
key_inspector_all_colsReturn all columns as guess of preferred primary keys.
key_inspector_postgresqlReturn all primary key columns as guess at preferred primary...
key_inspector_sqliteReturn all primary key columns as guess at preferred primary...
local_tdConstruct a table description of a local data.frame.
lookup_by_columnUse one column to pick values from other columns.
map_column_valuesRemap values in a set of columns.
mark_null_colsIndicate NULLs per row for given column set.
materializeMaterialize an optree as a table.
materialize_nodeCreate a materialize node.
materialize_sqlMaterialize a user supplied SQL statement as a table.
mk_tdMake a table description directly.
natural_joinMake a natural_join node.
non_sql_nodeWrap a non-SQL node.
normalize_colsBuild an optree pipeline that normalizes a set of columns so...
null_replaceCreate a null_replace node.
op_diagramBuild a diagram of a optree pipeline.
orderbyMake an orderby node (not a relational operation).
order_exprMake a order_expr node.
order_expr_seMake a order_expr node.
order_rowsMake an orderby node (not a relational operation).
pick_top_kBuild an optree pipeline that selects up to the top k rows...
pre_sql_fnpre_sql_token funtion name
pre_sql_identifierpre_sql_identifier: abstract name of a column and where it is...
pre_sql_to_queryReturn SQL transform of tokens.
pre_sql_to_query.pre_sql_sub_exprConvert a pre_sql token object to SQL query text.
pre_sql_to_query.pre_sql_tokenConvert a pre_sql token object to SQL query text.
projectproject data by grouping, and adding aggregate columns.
project_seproject data by grouping, and adding aggregate columns.
quantile_colsCompute quantiles of specified columns (without...
quantile_nodeCompute quantiles over non-NULL values (without...
quote_identifierQuote an identifier.
quote_literalQuote a value
quote_stringQuote a string
quote_table_nameQuote a table name.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rename_columnsMake a rename columns node (copies columns not renamed).
row_countsBuild an optree pipeline counts rows.
rq_colnamesList table column names.
rq_coltypesGet column types by example values as a data.frame.
rq_connection_adviceGet advice for a DB connection (beyond tests).
rq_connection_nameBuild a canonical name for a db connection class.
rq_connection_testsTry and test database for some option settings.
rq_copy_toCopy local R table to remote data handle.
rq_executeExecute a query, typically an update that is not supposed to...
rq_function_mappingsReturn function mappings for a connection
rq_get_queryExecute a get query, typically a non-update that is supposed...
rq_nrowCount rows and return as numeric
rq_remove_tableRemove table
rq_table_existsCheck if a table exists.
rquery'rquery': Relational Query Generator for Data Manipulation
rquery_apply_to_data_frameExecute optree in an environment where d is the only data.
rquery_db_infoBuild a db information stand-in
rquery_default_db_infoAn example 'rquery_db_info' object useful for formatting...
rquery_default_methodsDefault to_sql method implementations.
rstrQuick look at remote data
rsummaryCompute usable summary of columns of remote table.
rsummary_nodeCreate an rsumary relop operator node.
run_rquery_testsRun rquery package tests.
select_columnsMake a select columns node (not a relational operation).
select_rowsMake a select rows node.
select_rows_seMake a select rows node.
setDBOptSet a database connection option.
setDBOptionSet a database connection option.
set_indicatorMake a set indicator node.
sql_expr_setBuild a query that applies a SQL expression to a set of...
sql_nodeMake a general SQL node.
str_pre_sql_sub_exprStructure of a pre_sql_sub_expr
tables_usedReturn vector of table names used.
theta_joinMake a theta_join node.
theta_join_seMake a theta_join node.
tokenize_for_SQLCross-parse from an R parse tree into SQL.
topo_sort_tablesTopologically sort join plan so values are available before...
to_sqlReturn SQL implementation of operation tree.
to_transport_representationConvert an rquery op diagram to a simple representation,...
unionallMake an unionall node (not a relational operation).
wrapWrap a data frame for later execution.
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