Man pages for WinVector/seplyr
Standard Evaluation Interfaces for Common 'dplyr' Tasks

add_count_setally/count standard interface.
add_group_indicesGroup a data frame and add per-group indices as a column.
add_group_sub_indicesGroup a data frame and add in-group indices as a column.
add_group_summariesSimulate the group_by/mutate pattern with an explicit...
add_rank_indicesArrange a data frame and rank indexes.
add_tally_setally/count standard interface.
arrange_searrange standard interface.
count_setally/count standard interface.
deselectdeselect standard interface.
distinct_seStandard interface for distinct.
expand_exprPrepare an expression for standard evaluation.
filter_nsefilter non-standard interface.
filter_sefilter standard interface.
group_by_segroup_by standard interface.
group_indices_segroup_indices standard interface.
group_summarizegroup_by and summarize as an atomic action.
mutate_nsemutate non-standard evaluation interface.
mutate_semutate standard evaluation interface.
novelNameGenerate a name with a prefix disjoint from a set of names
prep_derefSubstitute language elements by one-expand_expr.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rename_serename standard interface.
select_seselect standard interface.
seplyr'seplyr': Standard Evaluation Interfaces for Common 'dplyr'...
summarize_nsesummarize non-standard evaluation interface.
summarize_sesummarize standard interface.
tally_setally/count standard interface.
transmute_nsetransmute non-standard evaluation interface.
transmute_setransmute standard interface.
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