Man pages for XiangdongGu/hkdata

get_file_csvGet csv format file
get_file_jpgGet jpg format file
get_file_jsonGet json format file
get_file_xlsxGet xlsx format file
hist_file_urlHistorical Archive File URL For A Specific Version
hist_file_versionsHistorical Archive File Version
hkia_longterm_insurerHKIA: Annual Statistics for Long Term Business - Individual...
hkia_longterm_marketHKIA: Market Statistics
hk_life_tableRead Hong Kong Life Tables
list_categoriesList all available categories
list_hist_fileHistorical Archive File list
list_hist_file_nomaxList all historical files without maximum
list_providersList all available providers
weather_currentRetrieve current and historical weather information
weather_forecast_9dayRetrieve current and historical 9day weather forecast
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