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Structure and abstract your code

check_via_readcheck via reading files
create_creatorscreate creators
create_fillcreate the final fill string from title, id, classes and...
enclenclose text by characters
find_granFind out granularity of a string vector
find_titleelicit break titles via shiny gadget
get_anchorCreat anchor sequence
give_breakcharfind breakchar for level
help_create_breakcreate a break sequence
help_create_titlecreate a title sequence
help_inserthelp insert
insert_anchorInsert a hash anchor
insert_breakInsert a code break of arbitrary level
insert_l_breakinsert a section break with an optional title
papplyvapply and paste
rm_spaceremove whitespace
strcodeStructure and abstract your code better
sum_strSummarize the code structure
sum_str_helperhelper function for code summarisation return code summary...
text_focusinsert text with autofocus
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