Man pages for XinruLI/metacartv0.1.0
Meta-CART: A Flexible Approach to Identify Moderators in Meta-Analysis

CI_drawA function to draw the confidence interval as a diamond
dat.BCT2009A subset of data from Michie et al. (2009)
encodeHtmlA function to deal with symbols
FEmrtFixed effect meta-tree
metacart-packageR package for meta-CART
oval_drawA function to draw an oval
plot.FEmrtVisualisation of a FE meta-tree
plot.REmrtVisualisation of a RE meta-tree
predict.FEmrtPredictions from a fitted metacart object
predict.REmrtPredictions from a fitted metacart object
print.FEmrtPrint function for FEmrt
print.REmrtPrint function for REmrt
rebetQA function to compute Q-between and residual heterogeneity
REmrtRandom effects meta-tree
REmrt.fit0A function to fit the tree with look-ahead option
REmrt.prednodeA function to subgroup newdata according to the fitted tree
REmrt.xvalidA function to perform cross-validation for RE meta-tree
SimDataA simulated meta-analytic data set
summary.FEmrtSummary function for metacart
summary.REmrtSummary of the results of a RE meta-tree object
treeprunerPrune a tree
updateNodesA function to update node
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