Man pages for YukunZhang/PAactivPAL1.0
Summarize Daily Physical Activity from 'activPAL' Accelerometer Data

Activity_summaryActivity Summary-Standing and Stepping
ActProp_summaryPhysical Activity Summary-Activity Proportions
MVPAModerate to Vigorous Physical Activity Summary
MVPA_summaryActivity Summary-MVPA
PA_summaryPhysical Activity Summary-Summations
sample_bed_timeSimulated Sample Sleep and Wake up Time Log
sampledataSimulated sample accelerometer data
sample_eventSimulated Sample Accelerometer Data
sample_takeon_logSimulated Sample Take on and off Log
SedentarySedentary Physical Activity Summary
sed_summaryPhysical Activity Summary-Sedentary Proportions and...
SLIStanding/Light Intensity Physical Activity Summary
StandardStandard Physical Activity Summary
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