Man pages for YuliyaLab/ProteoMM
Multi-Dataset Model-based Differential Expression Proteomics Analysis Platform

convert_log2Convert values in a matrix to log2 transfored values
eigen_piCompute PI - proportion of observations missing completely at...
eig_norm1Identify bias trends
eig_norm2EigenMS normalization
get_presAbs_protsGet Presence/Absence Proteins
g.testG Test for presence - absence analysis
hs_peptideshs_peptides - peptide-level intensities for human
make_intencitiesSubdivide data into intensities columns only
makeLMFormulaString linear model formula suitable
make_metaSubdivide data into metadata columns only
MBimputeModel-Based Imputation of missing values
mm_peptidesmm_peptides - peptide-level intensities for mouse
peptideLevel_DEModel-Based differential expression analysis
peptideLevel_PresAbsDEPresence/Absence peptide-level analysis
plot_1protPlot trends for a single protien
plot_3_pep_trends_NOfilePlot peptide trends
plot_volcanoVolcano plot
plot_volcano_wLabVolcano plot with labels for the differentially expressed...
prot_level_multiMat_PresAbsMulti-Matrix Presence Absence analysis
prot_level_multi_partMulti-Matrix Differentia Expression Analysis
subset_proteinsSubset proteins
sva.idSurrogate Variable Analysis
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