Man pages for ZiqingHo/BasicMC
Formation of transition matrix from raw data, simple analysis and applications of finite-state discrete time-homogeneous Markov Chain

absorbingFunction to identify the absorbing states
bigramData from bigram
condDistObtain the conditional distribution of the states
createtrMat(General)Convert raw data into a transition matrix
displayStateDisplay the states of a Markov chain
displaytrMDisplay the transition matrix
ftseData from ftse
propertrMatCheck and initialise the transition matrix used
recurrentFunction to identify the recurrent states
simMCSimulation of a finite-state discrete time-homogeneous Markov...
stationaryFunction to obtain the stationary distribution of a Markov...
stockConvert the data into a transition matrix for stock market
transientFunction to identify transient states
trProbCalculate the n-step transition matrix
weatherConvert the data into a transition matrix for weather...
wsotonData from wsoton
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