Man pages for Zouter/triwise
Gene expression changes in three biological conditions

estimateRedundancyEstimates the redundancy of enriched gene sets
generateBackgroundModelGenerate background models
getTransformationMatrixBarycentric transformation matrix
interactiveDotplotInteractive triwise dotplot
interactivePvalplotInteractive plot of p-values
plotDotplotCreating a dotplot
plotPvalplotPlot results from unidirectional enrichment
plotRoseplotPlot the directional distribution of genes
testEnrichmentSimple fisher's exact test for enrichment in a given set of...
testLocalityTest local upregulation
testRayleighRayleigh z-test implementation
testUnidirectionalityTest gene sets for unidirectional enrichment
transformBarycentricConversion to barycentric coordinates
transformReverseBarycentricConvert from barycentric coordinates back to original...
vandelaarExpression dataset from van de Laar et al. 2016
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