Man pages for Zyufei/Rstudy
Easily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages

encodingGuess and repair faulty character encoding.
google_formMake link to google form given id
htmlParse an HTML page.
html_formParse forms in a page.
html_nodesSelect nodes from an HTML document
html_sessionSimulate a session in an html browser.
html_tableParse an html table into a data frame.
html_textExtract attributes, text and tag name from html.
jump_toNavigate to a new url.
minimal_htmlGenerate a minimal html5 page.
pipePipe operator
pluckExtract elements of a list by position.
session_historyHistory navigation tools
set_valuesSet values in a form.
submit_formSubmit a form back to the server.
xmlWork with xml.
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