Man pages for a-beretta/penPHcure
Variable Selection in PH Cure Model with Time-Varying Covariates

cpRossiCriminal Recidivism Data
penPHcureVariable selection in PH cure model with time-varying...
penPHcure.objectPenalized PH cure model object
penPHcure-packageVariable Selection in Proportional-Hazards Cure Model with...
penPHcure.simulateSimulation of a PH cure model with time-varying covariates
PHcure.objectStandard PH cure model object
predict.penPHcurePredict method for penPHcure.object
predict.PHcurePredict method for PHcure.object
summary.penPHcureSummary method for penPHcure.object
summary.PHcureSummary method for PHcure.object
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