Man pages for a1967fa/frcst
Data Sets from "Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing"

ausgdpQuarterly Australian GDP
bondsMonthly US government bond yields
cangasMonthly Canadian gas production
carpartsMonthly sales car parts
djiMonthly Dow Jones Index
djicloseMonthly Dow Jones Index: closing
enplanementsMonthly US domestic enplanements
expsmooth-packageData sets for "Forecasting with exponential smoothing"
fmsalesWeekly FM sales
freightAnnual US new freight cars
frexportQuarterly French exports
gaspriceUS gasoline prices
hospitalMonthly patient count
jewelryWeekly jewelry sales
mcopperMonthly copper prices
msalesMonthly product sales
partxMonthly sales of an automobile part
ukcarsQuarterly UK passenger car production
unemp.cciUnemployment and the CCI
usgdpQuarterly US GDP
usnetelecAnnual US net electricity generation
utilityHourly utility demand
vehiclesHourly vehicle counts
visitorsMonthly Australian overseas vistors
xratesMonthly exchange rates
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