Man pages for aallignol/Cprob
The Conditional Probability Function of a Competing Event

cpfConditional Probability Function of a Competing Event
cpfpoProportional-odds Model for the Conditional Probability...
Cprob-packageConditional probability function of a competing event
lines.cpfLines method for 'cpf' objects
mgusMonoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance
plot.cpfPlot method for cpf objects
predict.cpfConditional Probability Estimates at chosen timepoints
print.cpfPrint a cpf object
print.cpfpoPrint Method for cpfpo objects
pseudocpfPseudo values for the conditional probability function
summary.cpfSummary method for cpf
summary.pseudocpfSummary method for pseudocpf objects
xyplot.cpfpo'xyplot' method for object of class 'cpfpo'
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