Man pages for aaronolsen/bezier
Toolkit for Bezier Curves and Splines

bezierGenerates points along a Bezier curve or spline
bezierArcLengthApproximates the arc length of a Bezier curve or spline
bezierCurveFitFits a Bezier curve to a set of points
bezier-packageBezier Curve and Spline Toolkit
compareBezierArcLengthReturns difference between input length and a Bezier arc...
elevateBezierDegreeRaises the degree of a Bezier curve
pointsOnBezierGenerates points along a Bezier curve or spline
summary.bezierArcLengthSummary of a Bezier arc length estimation
summary.bezierCurveFitSummary of a Bezier curve fit
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