Man pages for abarbour/deform
Crustal deformation modeling tools in R

cart2polTransform cartesian coordinates to polar
check_rangeCheck whether a quantity is wihin an acceptable range
deformThe 'deform' package: crustal deformation tools in R
deform_hullDeform a convex hull
degreelenCompute the length of 1-degree of latitude and longitude
effstressPoroelastic parameters
epsgFunctions to work with EPSG projection specifications
erf_reError functions
geertsma73Surface deformation associated with fluid withdrawl from a...
hydraulic_diffusivityCalculate hydraulic diffusivity of a fluid saturated medium
magnitude-distancePredict the level of strain expected for magnitude and...
mogiSurface deformation from Mogi-type volume sources
rudnicki86Rudnicki's response to point and step injection
segall85Surface deformation associated with fluid withdrawl
segall89Surface deformation associated with fluid withdrawl from a...
Simple-deformationSimple numerical deformation estimates
vasco98Surface deformation associated with fluid withdrawl: an...
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