Man pages for abarbour/pborepo
Access to data-products and metadata from the Plate Boundary Observatory geodetic network

bsmCalibrationsBSM calibration coefficients
bsmmetaBSM metadata
bsmmeta2BSM metadata 2
bsmmeta3BSM metadata 3
calibration_matrixLoad or manipulate calibration matrices
consistentMake the downloaded data consistent in time
data-retrievalRetrieve and load data from the UNAVCO archive
describe_thisPrints a description of the calibration table
get_caltblGet a specific calibration table
list.txtgzList .txt.gz files in a directory
naOPAutomatically decide how to best fill in NA sections
normsCalculate _all_ norms of a matrix
pbo_messageConsistent messaging for downloading and other functions
pborepo-constantsConstants used as defaults
pborepo_gitdataRetrieve data from the 'pborepo' online repository (github)
pborepo-packageAccess to data-products and metadata from the Plate Boundary...
pinvPseudo-inverse of a matrix
read.httpsUse 'read.table' with a secure http url (https)
RMSTrimmed root mean square (RMS)
station_dataStation information from PBO metadata
time-utilitiesVarious time conversion functions
trimmerTrim a series by some percentage
unavco-methodsMethods for the 'unavco' class
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