Man pages for abarbour/psd
Adaptive, Sine-Multitaper Power Spectral Density Estimation

as.tapersCoerce an object into a "tapers" object.
ctap_loessTaper constraints using loess smoothing
hfsnmNoise levels found in PBO strainmeter data at seismic...
magnetA single line of Project MAGNET horizontal field intensity
modulo_floorNearest value below
parabolic_weightsCalculate parabolic weighting factors.
pgram_compareCompare multitaper spectrum with cosine-tapered periodogram
pilot_specCalculate initial power spectral density estimates
prewhitenPrepare a series for spectral estimation
psdcoreMultitaper power spectral density estimates of a series
psd-environmentVarious environment manipulation functions.
psd-normalizationNormalization of power spectral density estimates.
psd-packageAdaptive power spectral density estimation using optimal sine...
psd-utilitiesVarious utility functions.
pspectrumAdaptive sine multitaper power spectral density estimation
rcpp_ctap_simplec++ implementation of the RLP constraint filter
resample_fft_rcppResample an fft using varying numbers of sine tapers
resample_fft_rcpp2Resample an fft using varying numbers of sine tapers
riedsidConstrained, optimal tapers using the Riedel &...
riedsid_rcppreplaces time consuming portion of riedsid2
spec_confintConfidence intervals for multitaper power spectral density...
spec-methodsGeneric methods for objects with class "spec"
spectral_propertiesCalculate properties of multitaper power spectral density...
splineGradNumerical derivatives of a series based on its smooth-spline...
tapers-constraintsTaper constraint methods
tapers-methodsGeneric methods for objects with class "tapers"
tapers-refinementTaper constraints using simple derivatives
TohokuObservations of teleseismic strains from the 2011 Tohoku...
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