Man pages for abhik1368/rUniChEMBL
Accessing the ChEMBL and Unichem data.

get.appDrugsGet approved drugs for target.
get.bioactivityGet Bioactivity Information for Compounds, Targets or Assays.
get.cmp.infGet compound information from ChEMBL
get.cmp.simRetrive similar compounds from ChEMBL database.
get.compound.substructGet compound information from substructure query smiles.
get.mapping.fullGet full mapping between two sources.
get.moaGet mechanism of action
get.sAll.InCHIKeyGet all src_compound_ids.
get.sAll.sidGet the all source compound ids from another source compound...
get.scid.sidGet the source compound ids from another source compound id
get.SrcAll.obsGet source compound id from obsolete source compound id
get.src_id.InCHIKeyGet source compound ids
get.struc.allGet Structures for source compound id
get.structureGet structure
get.targetsGet target information.
get.url.sidGet url for the query compound
get.verbose.InCHIkeyGet all src_compound_ids to a query InChIKey
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