Man pages for abielr/pdfetch
Fetch Economic and Financial Time Series Data from Public Sources

pdfetchA package for downloading economic and financial time series...
pdfetch_BLSFetch data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
pdfetch_BOEFetch data from the Bank of England Interactive Statistical...
pdfetch_BUNDESBANKFetch data from the Deutsche Bundesbank
pdfetch_ECBFetch data from European Central Bank's statistical data...
pdfetch_EIAFetch data from the US Energy Information Administration
pdfetch_EUROSTATFetch data from Eurostat
pdfetch_EUROSTAT_DSDFetch description for a Eurostat dataset
pdfetch_FREDFetch data from St Louis Fed's FRED database
pdfetch_INSEEFetch data from the French National Institute of Statistics...
pdfetch_ONSFetch data from the UK Office of National Statistics
pdfetch_WBFetch data from World Bank
pdfetch_YAHOOFetch data from Yahoo Finance
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