Man pages for abjur/abjutils
Useful Tools for Jurimetrical Analysis Used by the Brazilian Jurimetrics Association

build_idAdd separators to lawsuit IDs
calc_digCalculate digits for Brazilian lawsuit identification numbers
carefullyVectorized, parallel, safe and verbose function factory
check_digValidate check digits for Brazilian lawsuits identification...
chrome_to_bodyConvert Chrome's Query String Parameters to a list
clean_idRemove separators from lawsuit IDs
dvecVectorize functions (DEPRECATED)
escape_unicodeEscape accented characters in a document
extract_partsExtract different parts from lawsuit ID
file_sans_extExtract file name without extension
gather_subjectsGather subjects from esaj::cjsg_table("subjects")
lsosImproved list of objects
pattern_cnjRegex pattern for finding lawsuit numbers
precisionMirror of scales:::precision()
pvecVerbose, parallel, and safe map-like
reaisConvert brazilian currency values (text) to numeric
rm_accentRemove accentuation
rm_accent_from_namesRemove accentuation from column names (DEPRECATED)
sample_cnjGenerate sample Brazilian lawsuit identification numbers
separate_cnjSeparate a lawsuit ID column into its parts
tabelaProduce frequency and relative frequency tables
test_funTests a function by checking if its arguments are declared
use_pipeAdd pipe template
write_dataShortcut to write file to "data/" directory from a pipe
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