Man pages for ablejec/animatoR
Support for Animated Graphics in Base R Graphics

animatoRPlot Block of Animated Commands.
coordParamsCoordinate Arguments
darrowsDraw Arrows
dsegmentsDraw Segments
getChunkoptsGet Chunk Options.
hHomotopy Function
includeLatexInclude Animated Graphics.
is_knitrTest if 'knitr' is Active
makeTransparentMake Transparent Colors
newplotOpen New Empty Plotting Window
plot.animatorPlot Method for Class 'animator'.
pParamsArgument p
tarrowsMove Arrows
tBoxCoxBox-Cox Transformation with Interpolated Parameter lambda
tcexInterpolate Symbol and Text Size
tlinesMove Lines
tmatrixInterpolate Matrix
tParamsArgument t
tpointsMove points
tpolygonMove Polygon
trectMorf Rectangle
trgbInterpolate Colors
tsegmentsMove Segments
ttextMove Text
whenParamsArgument when
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