Man pages for abodein/timeOmics
Time-Course Multi-Omics data integration

getClusterGet variable cluster from (s)PCA, (s)PLS or block.(s)PLS
get_demo_silhouetteGet data for silhouette demo
getNcompGet optimal number of components
getSilhouetteGet Silhouette Coefficient from (s)PCA, (s)PLS or...
getUpDownClusterUp-Down clustering
lmms.filter.linesFilter Linear Profiles from Linear Mixed Model output
plotLongPlot Longitudinal Profiles by Cluster
proportionalityProportionality Distance
remove.low.cvRemove features with low variation
timeOmics.simdataTime-Course Simulated data
tuneCluster.block.splsFeature Selection Optimization for block (s)PLS method
tuneCluster.spcaFeature Selection Optimization for sPCA method
tuneCluster.splsFeature Selection Optimization for sPLS method
unscaleUnscales a scaled data.frame
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