Man pages for aboruvka/coxinterval
Cox-Type Models for Interval-Censored Data

const2linAccumulate values from a piecewise constant function of time
cosmesisBreast cosmesis data
coxaalenCox-Aalen model for interval-censored survival data
coxdualCox model for a Markov illness-death process under dual...
coxdual.strataIdentify transition type in model terms
coxinterval.controlControl model fit
dualicSimulated dual-censored data from an illness-death process
dualrcSimulated dual-right-censored data from an illness-death...
jump2stepAccumulate increments in values from a step function of time
lin2constSlopes from values of a piecewise linear function of time
linapproxLinear approximation
maxintersectFind maximal intersections from an interval-type survival...
print.coxintervalPrint method for model fit
step2jumpIncrements from a step function of time
step2stepfunStep function from cumulative increments over time
summary.coxintervalSummary method for Cox model fit
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