Man pages for abresler/gdeltr2
R's modern interface GDELT Project Interface

date_columns_to_numericConvert date columns to numeric
dictionary_country_domainsGDELT Outlets by Country
dictionary_gdelt_tv_stationsGDELT TV Station Dictionary
dictionary_outletsGDELT Outlets
filter_sourcesFilters a gdelt data frame to specified sources
generate_datesGenerates sequences of dates
generate_geo_queryGenerate a GDELT GEO V2 API query
generate_trelliscope_bundleGenerate Trelliscope Bundle
get_clean_count_dataGets clean count data
get_clean_count_vkg_dataParse XML Labels
get_codes_cameo_countryRetrieves GDELT CAMEO country code book
get_codes_cameo_ethnicRetrieves GDELT CAMEO ethnic code book
get_codes_cameo_eventsRetrieves CAMEO CAMEO event code book
get_codes_cameo_known_groupsRetrieves GDELT CAMEO known group code book
get_codes_cameo_religionRetrives GDELT CAMEO religion code book
get_codes_cameo_typeRetrieves GDELT CAMEO type code book
get_codes_gcamRetrives most recent GDELT Global Content Analysis Measures...
get_codes_gkg_themesRetrieves GKG theme code book
get_codes_stability_locationsCode book for instability locations
get_data_ft_trending_termsGets most recent terms
get_data_ft_v2_apiQuery GDELT V2 Full Text API
get_data_gdelt_period_eventRetreive GDELT data for a given period
get_data_gdelt_period_event_totalsRetrieves GDELT event summary by period
get_data_gdelt_periods_eventReturns GDELT event data for a given periods
get_data_gkg_days_detailedGet dates detailed data from a specified table
get_data_gkg_days_summaryGets days summary GDELT GKG data by table
get_data_gkg_day_summaryRetrieves gkg summary file for a given day
get_data_gkg_tv_daysGets GKG TV data for specified days
get_data_locations_instability_apiReturns instability data for given locations
get_data_sentiment_ft_api_domainsGet V1 sentiment from specified domains
get_data_sentiment_ft_api_termsGet V1 API sentiment for terms
get_data_tv_summariesGDELT TV Show Summary
get_data_vgkg_datesGets CV Data for stated periods
get_gdelt_codebook_ft_apiGDELT Full Text API 2.0 Codebooks
get_gdelt_codebook_geo_apiGDELT Geo API code book
get_gdelt_url_dataGet GDELT url data
get_schema_gdelt_eventsRetrieves GDELT event database schema
get_schema_gkg_countsGets gkg count schema
get_schema_gkg_generalGets gkg general schema
get_schema_gkg_mentionsGets gkg mention schema
get_tv_schemaRetrieves GKG TV Schema
get_urls_gdelt_event_logGets GDELT Event data, by year from 1979-2005, by year month...
get_urls_gkg_15_minute_logLoads gdelt v2 Global Knowledge Graph master log data,...
get_urls_gkg_daily_summariesGets Global Knowledge Graph summary files by day since April...
get_urls_gkg_most_recent_logGets most recent GKG log URLs
get_urls_gkg_tv_daily_summariesGets Global Knowledge Graph TV Summary Files
get_urls_gkgtv_most_recent_logGets most recent GKG TV log URLs
get_urls_vgkg_most_recentGets most recent CV log URLs
load_needed_packagesLoads needed packages
parse_gkg_mentioned_article_toneReturns article tones from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_datesReturns mentioned dates from gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_event_countsReturns mentioned CAMEO event count from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_gcamsReturns GCAM codes from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_locationsReturns mentioned locations from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_namesReturns mentioned names from a GKG data frame.
parse_gkg_mentioned_numericsReturns long or wide mentioned numerics from a GKG data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_organizationsReturns long or wide mentioned organizations from a GKG data...
parse_gkg_mentioned_peopleReturns long or wide mentioned people from a GKG data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_quotesReturns mentioned quotes from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_social_embedsReturns social embed information from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_source_dataReturns source name or source url from a gkg data frame
parse_gkg_mentioned_themesReturns mentioned themes from a gkg data frame
parse_language_typesParses XML Language Type
parse_vgkg_facesParses Cloud Vision Faces
parse_vgkg_labelsParses Cloud Vision Lables
parse_vgkg_landmarksParses Cloud Vision Landmark
parse_vgkg_languagesParses Cloud Vision Languages
parse_vgkg_logosParses Cloud Vision Logos
parse_vgkg_ocrParses Cloud Vision OCR
parse_vgkg_safe_searchParses Safe Search
parse_xml_extrasParse XML Extra
parse_xml_facesParses XML Faces
parse_xml_landmarksParses XML Landmarks
parse_xml_logosParses XML Logo
parse_xml_ocrParses XML OCR
parse_xml_safe_searchParses Safe Search
plot_hc_trelliscopePlot a highchart trelliscope
plot_trelliscopesPlot list of trelliscope
plot_wc_trelliscopePlot wordcloud trelliscope
visualize_gkg_trelliscopeTrelliscope gkg data
visualize_gkg_tv_trelliscopeTrelliscope gkg data
visualize_vgkg_trelliscopeVisualize Cloudvision trelliscope
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