Man pages for abresler/nbastatR
R's interface to NBA data

agents_playersPlayers Agents
all_nba_teamsAll NBA Teams
all_star_gamesNBA All Star Games
assign_bref_dataAssign nested BREF data to environment
assign_nba_playersAssign NBA player dictionary to environment
assign_nba_teamsAssign NBA teams to environment Beyond The Numbers Articles
box_scoresNBA box scores
bref_awardsBasketball reference awards
bref_awards_votesBasketball Reference award votes
bref_biosBasketball Reference players bios
bref_injuriesActive injuries
bref_players_statsBasketball Reference Player Season Tables
bref_teams_statsBasketball Reference teams seasons data
coaching_staffsNBA active coaching staffs
current_scheduleNBA current season schedule
current_standingsCurrent standings
days_scoresGet NBA Dates' NBA Scores
dictionary_bref_awardsBasketball Reference Awards
dictionary_bref_coachesBasketball Reference coach dictionary
dictionary_bref_playersBasketball Reference player dictionary
dictionary_bref_teamsBasketball Reference team dictionary
dictionary_nba_namesDictionary of NBA Headers and nbastatR names
draft_combinesNBA draft combine data
draftsNBA drafts
fanduel_summaryGames fanduel summary
franchise_leadersFranchise leaders
game_logsNBA game logs NBA game logs for specified parameters
gather_dataGather a data frame
hoopshype_salariesHoopshype teams players salaries
hoops_hype_salary_summaryHoopsHype NBA teams summary salaries
metrics_leadersLeague leaders by season mock drafts
nba_franchise_historyGet NBA franchise history
nba_injuriesNBA Injuries
nba_insider_salariesNBA team salaries
nba_player_idsPlayers' NBA player ids
nba_playersNBA player dictionary
nba_stats_api_itemsNBA stats API parameters, teams and items
nbastats_api_parametersNBA Stats API Parameters
nba_teamsNBA team dictionary
nba_teams_idsNBA team ids
nba_teams_seasonsNBA teams seasons
play_by_playNBA games play-by play player profiles
players_agentsGet NBA Players Agents
players_awardsNBA players awards bios
players_careersPlayer career stats
players_rotowirePlayers RotoWire news
players_tablesNBA players table data
playoff_picturesNBA seasons playoff picture
pst_transactionProSports NBA transactions
scale_per_minuteSummarise data per minute
seasons_playersSeasons players
seasons_rostersNBA teams seasons rosters
seasons_scheduleNBA seasons schedules
sl_playersSummer League Players
sl_teamsSummer League Teams
spread_dataSpread gathered data frame
standingsGet seasons standing data
summarise_per_minuteSummarize data per minute
synergyGet Synergy data for specified season
teams_annual_statsNBA teams yearly performance
teams_coachesSeasons coaching staffs
teams_detailsNBA teams details
team_season_rosterTeam roster
teams_players_statsNBA teams and player statistics
teams_rankingsNBA teams rankings
teams_rostersTeams seasons rosters
teams_rotowireTeams Rotowire news
teams_seasons_infoNBA teams seasons information
teams_shotsGet teams seasons shot charts
teams_tablesNBA Team table data by season
transactionsNBA transactions since 2012
widen_bref_dataWidens basketball reference table data
win_probabilityNBA games win probabilities
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