Man pages for achubaty/amc
Alex's Miscellaneous Code

amc-defunctDefunct functions
amc-deprecatedDeprecated functions
binstrConvert integer to binary string
cropReprojCrop and reproject a raster to a given study area
detachPackageDetach and unload a package
dir_copyCopy folders with links
dl.dataIntelligently download data
dt2rasterConvert 'data.table' to a 'RasterLayer' for plotting, etc.
flinkCreate a link to a file
gcManual garbage collection
get_depsGet package dependencies (offline)
getFileNameGet the name of a 'source'-ed file
getOGR'readOGR' from file not in the current working directory
guesstimateGuesstimate the number of CPUs for cluster operations
hillHill function
inRangeTest whether a number lies within range '[a,b]'
loadPackagesLoad packages
logitLogit function
meansGeometric and harmonic mean
mosaic2Merge Raster* objects using a function for overlapping areas
outerBufferDraw convex hull around polygons
rdata-objectsLoad, save, and remove .RData objects
rescaleRescale values to a new range
rndstrGenerate random strings
source_githubSource a file hosted in a pubic or private GitHub repo
sysmemCheck system memory
tfCreate a temporary file
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