Man pages for acidgenomics/bb8
Trusty sidekick for R package development

catVecPrint (cat) a vector
cdChange directory
cleanSystemLibraryCheck for clean system library
clearClear the console
clearWarningsClear (reset) all warnings
devAttach developer packages
fibonacciSequenceFibonacci sequence
findAndReplaceFind and replace across a directory.
finderOpen Finder to the current directory
getCurrentVersionGet current version of package from GitHub
installInstall packages from Bioconductor, CRAN, or a Git remote
installedPackagesFind installed packages
isInstalledIs the desired package installed?
killKill R session
memfreeGet free memory statistics.
parseRdParse R documentation
pbcopyCopy to clipboard
printCommentPrint as comment
RdTagsR documentation tags
reexportsReexported functions
saveRdExamplesSave R documentation examples
scriptPathScript path
tabularR documentation table
updateDepsUpdate outdated dependencies
updatePackagesUpdate all installed packages
view2View object in RStudio viewer
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